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Spring Car Guidelines

Spring Car Guidelines


Spring is a good time to travel. Let us withdraw from our busy work and enjoy the beauty of nature, but in any case, do n’t forget to take care of the car, let it rejuvenate and serve you well. 都有哪些需要注意的地方呢? So what should be paid attention to in spring car maintenance ?

Body seal

Sandy weather in spring leads to a lot of outdoor sand. To cope with such weather, the owner is advised to carefully check in advance whether the sealing strip of the window has aging, degumming and cracking, and if necessary, replace the aging sealing strip to strengthen the car. Inner tightness prevents wind and sand from entering.

This treatment can not only deal with sandy weather, but also help to strengthen the effect of turning on the air conditioner when the weather becomes hot. It is necessary to remind the owner that in dusty weather, the air-conditioning external circulation mode should be used as little as possible to avoid a large amount of sand and dust entering the car.

Protect car paint

Windy weather in spring is most likely to cause damage to car paint. Especially in high-speed driving, wind and sand damage the car paint surface more seriously. You can consider sealing the car to enhance the hardness of the car paint and resist scratching.

Sealing glaze is to improve the abrasion resistance of the paint surface by covering the paint surface of the polymer with a high molecular polymer to achieve a bright and long-lasting effect. Its anti-sand, anti-corrosion, and high-temperature resistance characteristics can well protect the car paint, and it has a longer holding time.

Check the interior filtration

The air filter of a car is equivalent to a human's nose. It is the first "gate" through which air enters the engine. The air in spring contains more dust and fine sand particles. Air filter is prone to blockage. The engine will experience symptoms such as difficulty starting, weakness, and unstable idling.

Generally, the air filter of a car needs to be changed once at 20,000 kilometers, and it should be checked at 10,000 kilometers. It is best to check once at 2,000 kilometers in spring, which is good for the engine.

Clean the car environment

The rising temperature in spring and humid air is a golden season for the proliferation of various germs. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the antibacterial work in the car interior and keep the interior of your car dry and hygienic, especially for car seats, foot pads, and carpet The air outlets must be cleaned properly.

The high-temperature steam can be used to remove the dirt from the corners of the air conditioning vents, seats, and interiors. At the same time, the odor in the car can be removed. Then, use special interior cleaners to clean and disinfect the console, door and other parts. In addition, the debris in the trunk must be cleaned regularly.

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