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Shanghai Cheyi Automobile Maintenance Co., Ltd. is a professional chain service station integrating car repair, maintenance, sheet metal, painting, and decoration. The company is located in Shanghai, and was registered and established in 2005. Shanghai has a number of Austrian maintenance chain stores, which has formed a business operation system integrating car maintenance, spare parts supply, repair service and customer service. With many years of experience in the automotive industry, a set of advanced and scientific automotive service processes has gradually been formed.

Because it is unique, it is professional. The company exclusively repairs all kinds of high-end cars, provides original parts (one-year warranty), "4S" shops have the same repair quality, and promises "4S" shops with the same warranty, reasonable maintenance and repair recommendations, and avoid Over-maintenance and repair, direct purchase of spare parts, eliminating the layer-by-layer price increase of the procurement channel, simple and fast repair process, saving you time, the price is only 70% of the "4S" shop, and provide 24-hour intimate service, free rescue in urban areas , To provide customers with overhaul services such as complete replacement car, intimate is more assured.

The maintenance workshop has multiple standard workstations, equipped with various maintenance-specific tools and equipment, and a number of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz ten-year maintenance certification technicians, and synchronously update technical information, company management personnel, service consultants, all strictly pass the automotive maintenance industry's Training and assessment, with rich experience in Audi and automotive industry, to ensure the stability of quality and timeliness of service. We will give you the most satisfactory result with the best service quality, the shortest time, the most reasonable price. The company's service is upheld: lasting care, consistent, bring you professional experience and service, Xuao will be assured, assured, worry-free, comfortable, happy "five hearts" service. All employees of Xuao will be dedicated and wise, and win your satisfaction and patronage with thoughtful service, professional technology and great enthusiasm.

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