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12 points for illegal activities

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Now more and more people are buying cars, and it has become one of the three standard items. But as the saying goes, "I often stay at the riverside station, how can I not beat the street?" The driving license is 12 points, many Drivers are getting more or less on the road, and the penalty for traffic regulations is still "faced". Today we will answer to you what driving behaviors deduct 12 points?

Now most people test their driving licenses as C1 / C2 driver's licenses, and almost all driving schools take these two types of driving licenses. Many people in daily driving ignore the different driving licenses corresponding to the permitted models, thinking that I will be OK. But in fact, there are many restrictions. Take the C brand as an example. The C1 is a model that can be driven: small cars, mini passenger cars, and light, mini trucks, light, small, and mini special operation vehicles, C2, C3, and C4. Car models. But the following is a 12-point deduction.

① Not all cars can be driven: some luxury models with a length of more than 6 meters (such as Maybach 62s, Lincoln extension) can not drive; friends who have passed the C2 driving license can only drive vehicles with automatic transmission. Bye-Bye was caught in those situations after those 12 points;

② Not all blue-brand vehicles can be driven: trucks with a total mass below 4.5 tons (excluding) and the number of passengers (except drivers) are less than 20 (excluding) and the body length is 6 meters (no The following vehicles are equipped with blue cards, so if your driver's license is C, you cannot drive more than 9-seater blue cards;

③ C1 ca n’t drive a motorcycle: You think you can drive a motor vehicle, of course, there is no such good thing, no matter what type of motorcycle, as long as it is not compatible with the quasi-driving model is also not good.

Good things such as alcohol are always on the table of Chinese people. In recent years, accidents related to drunk driving are common. Traffic police departments are also punishing them severely. Driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly and strictly prohibited. There are clear rules, do n’t you send yourself 12 points.

Those who escape after such an accident are purely looking for their own crimes. Whether it is the other party ’s responsibility or your responsibility, if they escape, they will be punished with a penalty of 12 points. In addition, those who escape and cause casualties in traffic accidents will be punished according to law. The criminal responsibility shall be investigated, and the motor vehicle driving license shall be revoked by the traffic management department of the public security organ, and the motor vehicle driving license shall not be re-examined for life.

However, these car owners should not be too fluent in their use. Forged or altered motor vehicle number plates (deck cards), driving licenses, driving licenses, school bus plates or other motor vehicle number plates and driving licenses will be deducted upon verification. 12 points. Those who do not cover the number plates, hang the number plates, or deface the number plates are clearly stipulated in the regulations on road traffic safety management. Those who fail to follow the rules are also subject to a penalty of 12 points. In addition, it should be reminded that during the rainy and snowy season, it is best to check whether the license plate is blocked before driving. If you remember to polish the license plate before going on the road, don't give away 12 points for nothing.

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