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Analysis of the pros and cons of four methods of tire repair

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Tyre injuries are common when driving on the road. The tire repair quotes range from a dozen yuan to more than 100 yuan. Which is better? We invite several insiders to speak up.

The "paste" method is the most popular

The methods of tire repair can be roughly divided into two categories: cold repair and hot repair. There are three kinds of cold repair: patch internal repair, mushroom nail and rubber strip.

At present, patch repairs and mushroom nails are the most popular in various tire specialty shops and repair shops.

After finding the punctured holes, polish the inside of the tire's damaged area, apply professional glue, stick the film to the damaged area, and attach a layer of glue.

This is the whole process of patch internal patch. The steps of the adhesive film are similar to the sticking plasters. "It takes less than 15 minutes. The general market price is 15 or 20 yuan at a time, and more than 30 yuan." Zhou Jiantu said that he has been working on the spot to repair tires at Hangzhou Yilun Tire Store for many years.

This method, because the repair speed, effect, and price are relatively moderate and ideal, so it is now the "post" in the tire repair market, with the highest utilization rate.

The disadvantage is that the surface of the damaged part of the tire has not been repaired, and impurities such as sand and dust may still cause damage to this "old scar" when driving in the future.

"Mushrooms" works well but the price is high

Mushroom nails, rubber spikes that look like mushrooms. Push its "handle" out of the damaged part from the inside of the tire, trim away the part that is higher than the tire surface, and "mushroom cover" with strong glue and you're done.

The effect of the mushroom nail repair method has been highly appraised by Master Zhou and Master Lin, who specializes in tire repair at the new and unique Chaowangdian, and is even better than patch internal repair.

But everything has two sides. The disadvantage is that it takes a long time, "it takes about half an hour." Master Zhou said that for many car owners, its greater disadvantage is the higher price. "It usually costs about 100 yuan or more on the market."

Taking into account the cost and cost-effectiveness of the car, Master Zhou's personal suggestion is that this repair method can be used for mid-to-high-end cars, "or explosion-proof tires, or 'mushrooms'".

Taxi tire repair loves "shooting a shot"

The third type of cold repair is called wearing a rubber strip, commonly known as "hit a shot". That is, a rubber-coated rubber strip is filled into the punctured hole to complete the repair.

"The biggest advantage is that the repair is fast and convenient, and skilled workers can do it within 5 minutes." Master Zhou continued to "literate": as long as he can find the punctured holes, use a rotary drill to expand them appropriately, and then use glue-coated A rubber strip is tucked into it. "The vast majority of taxi drivers often use this method quickly and without delay in doing business."

Another occasion where it is used more often is the highway. "There is a lot of traffic, so you can make a quick repair and leave. It's a temporary repair." Master Lin added.

However, neither of them recommends private cars to use this cold repair method in general. The reason is simple: maybe the holes of the broken tire are smaller than the rubber strip, but in order for the latter to enter smoothly, tools must be used to expand the holes that are not too large, but expand the damaged area.

Improper heat repair may hurt the tire

Like wearing rubber strips, hot repair is currently not well received in the private car tire repair market in Hangzhou.

Its early steps are similar to the "paste" method, and the film is attached to the hole. The difference is that there is an additional heating step afterwards, and the professional film is required to heat and compress the attached film.

The effect of heat repair is actually not bad. Master Lin explained the reason for not using much: "Compared with large trucks, private car tires are generally thin, improperly heated, and the temperature is too high, it may damage the tires."

Teacher talks about experience

On-board air pump and tire repair fluid

What should I do if I encounter a "black heart spike" during commute, or if I run on an unknown sharp object while driving, and the tire is punctured, and I am not ready for maintenance?

Master Zhou's suggestion is to have a small air pump on the car, "One hundred or two hundred yuan. It takes less than two minutes to fully inflate the tires. Normal driving for half an hour to one hour without the nails being pulled out normally Some problems can even last a long time. "

If there are tiny holes punctured by ordinary nails, another effective "relief solution" is to use tire repair fluid. When it is injected into the tire, a sealing film is formed to temporarily block the holes, and it can also be inflated automatically.

Zheng Ningli, the team leader of the tire part of Xinqite Auto Service Company, also has some related reminders: If it is on a high-speed road, it is the same as replacing a non-full-size spare tire. After using the tire repair fluid, it is best to keep driving at a low speed. Below 80 km / h.

No matter what emergency method you use, you should find the nearest repair point as soon as possible to repair or change tires. "It is difficult for a car owner to judge how big the holes are on the tires. It is very likely that the tires are still leaking while driving temporarily after handling them on their own. If you drive for a long time or travel a long distance, it is dangerous."

Tyre wall is recommended to change the tire directly

Can any tire be punctured? of course not.

Whether it can be repaired depends on where the tire is injured and the severity of the injury.

"If the wall is pierced, or the diameter of the holes in the tread is 6 mm or more, or the tread cap (the entire area between the tread and the shoulders, including the tread, cushion layer and ply, etc.) The main part of the tire driving that is connected to the ground) was punctured by objects such as steel bars, which caused a big loophole. My suggestion is to change the tire directly. "Master Lin said.

Remember to do dynamic balancing after finishing the tire

"Both tires have been disassembled, they must be balanced." Master Zhou and Master Lin made the same reminder: if this step is omitted, there may be abnormalities such as vehicle body shake when driving in the future.

In this regard, some tire repair shops will take the initiative to recommend, while others need to be proposed by the owner; some prices are included in the tire repair quotes, and some require additional fees, which are different.

Front wheel is tied to consider changing position

When the punctured tire is a front wheel, and the hole is relatively large, "it is best to switch to the rear wheel. Especially when running at high speed, if there is a problem with the front wheel, the risk factor is high." This is the view of Master Zhou.

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