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Elaborate on what conditions only need to repair tires and under what circumstances must change tires

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Is it necessary to replace the repaired tire? Seriously, minor losses are irrelevant and you can leave them alone. But does the repaired tire need to be replaced? Under what circumstances must it be replaced? How to define?

● Tread damage does not need to be replaced


The damage to the tread depends on the situation, and it is determined whether to change the tire. The serious damage does not need to be repaired, and it is replaced directly. If the damage is minor, you can continue to use it by simply repairing it. Here are two situations that can be patched:

1.Tread pin hole is less than 6mm

As shown in the figure below, the newly bought car had a quarrel with others when it was parked. It was suspected of retaliation. The tread of the left front wheel was nailed with four nails of a few centimeters.


This situation seems to be very serious, but after careful analysis, it is found that you only need to repair a tire, and you can continue to use it without replacing it. Because the iron nails inserted into the tire will not damage the structure of the tire to a great extent, the steel wire, the cord and the polyester layer only have to pass through four holes, and the repair is done. Of course it is safer to replace it, and then use the injured tire as a spare tire.

Tread nails or punctured by other objects, the hole diameter is less than 6mm can be repaired, more than 6mm must be replaced. Because the diameter of the nails is not large, but the injuries are relatively deep, owners of nailed tires should check the condition of the injured tires before running on high speeds or long distances before they can hit the road.

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