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Tire knowledgeDo you know how much repair tires need to be replaced?

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Is it necessary to replace the repaired tires? The first response is necessary, but the master of the repair shop said that a slight loss is irrelevant and can be left out. Even so, if the repaired tires need to be replaced or not, under what circumstances must they be replaced? Let's explore this issue below.

● Tread damage does not need to be replaced

The damage to the tread depends on the situation, and it is determined whether to change the tire. The serious damage does not need to be repaired, and it is replaced directly. If the damage is minor, you can continue to use it by simply repairing it. Here are two situations that can be patched:

1.Tread pin hole is less than 6mm

Recently, a colleague said that the newly bought car had a quarrel with others when it was parked. It was suspected of retaliation. The tread on the left front wheel was nailed with four nails of several centimeters. He later went to the suburbs and found out that something was wrong. I am not running at high speed. Later, he went to the repair shop to repair the damaged tire. There was a shadow in his heart that he feared that the repaired tire had safety problems. In addition, the master of the repair shop said that he did not use foreign glue when repairing the tire, and he couldn't let it go.

This situation seems to be serious, but after careful analysis, he only needs to repair a tire and can continue to use it without replacing it. Because the iron nails inserted into the tire will not damage the structure of the tire to a great extent, the steel wire, the cord and the polyester layer only have to pass through four holes, and the repair is done. Of course it is safer to replace it, and then use the injured tire as a spare tire.

The tire expert told us that the tread nails or punctured by other objects, the aperture smaller than 6mm can also be repaired, and larger than 6mm must be replaced. Because the diameter of the nails is not large, but the injuries are relatively deep, owners of nailed tires should check the condition of the injured tires before running on high speeds or long distances before they can hit the road.

2.Slightly damaged tread

Treads that are slightly broken can also be repaired. The domestic road conditions are more complicated, the pavement is uneven, there are more pavement deposits, and the tire tread is often damaged. Tread damage can be slightly repaired to extend the life of the tire. It is also useless to repair the pattern, and it is not severely reluctant to use it; but if it is a high-speed or conditional vehicle owner, it is still recommended to replace it to ensure driving safety.

● Cases of tire side injuries that do not need to be replaced

Although the structure of the sidewall is not as complicated as the tread, there are some cases where the tire does not need to be replaced, and it only needs to be repaired.

1.Minor damage

Recently, a friend drove a car in the dark night and pressed the wheel to the side of the road. As a result, there was a scar of nearly 1cm wide in the center of the sidewall, but the curtain layer was not seen, but some rubber was dropped. There is no need to change tires. Again, pay special attention to it, especially before preparing to run at high speeds and long distances, check for leaks and see if the damage to the tires has worsened.

2.The nail insertion hole on the tire side is less than 6mm

As long as the tire is inserted into the sidewall, the repaired tire can still be used as long as the cord does not damage the cord. The tire side curtain is distributed longitudinally, as long as the nails or other hard objects have not broken the curtain, but only inserted between the two curtains, only the rubber is inserted, and the damage to the carcass is small, as long as it is simply repaired. .

● Cannot repair situations that must be replaced

If the tread or sidewall of the tire is severely damaged, it means that the tire can no longer be used and must be replaced to ensure the safety of driving.

1.Tread deformation / severe damage to the carcass

If the tread is deformed or the carcass is severely damaged, a new tire must be replaced. The deformation of the tread is actually affected by the carcass. When the carcass is subjected to a large amount of force, its internal structure is damaged, which eventually causes deformation and the tread is deformed. At this time, the life of the tire has been declared over. Already.

2.Severely damaged tread

I have seen on the Internet that some tires' treads have come into contact with sharp objects, the patterns have severely fallen off or the carcass has been cut. When the hole diameter of the punctured tread exceeds 6mm, it is meaningless to repair it again. The punctured tires must be replaced to ensure safe driving.

3.Drum Bag

The bulging on the side of the tire is the result of the cord of the ply being broken. This situation indicates that the tire is no longer saved, and there is no value for repair, and the tire must be replaced. If you barely repair, the repaired tire can only be a dangerous product that will burst at any time.

4.Severe sidewall injury

Whether the outer rubber of the sidewall is completely cracked, the structure of the tire's inner liner, ply, and protective layer has been completely destroyed, and the tire can only be scrapped. When the tire is punctured by iron nails, if it can be stopped in time to repair it, the owner still insists on driving, and the inner side of the tire is severely damaged by the rolling of the wheel hub, it must be replaced with a new tire.

● Summary:

Tires are the parts of a car that are in direct contact with the ground, and its performance is directly related to the safety of drivers and passengers. Tire damage is minor, you can continue to use it by simply repairing it. Usually you need to pay attention before driving. If you can repair it, you don't need to replace it. If the damage is serious, you must replace it with a new tire.

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