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New car owners must know car maintenance Daquan

New car owners must know car maintenance Daquan


Learn to look at faults on the dashboard

Novices drive and learn to look at the dashboard is very important. Pay attention to the pointers on the dashboard and pay attention to the icons displayed on the dashboard. Whenever you see a red light on the dashboard, stop and check as soon as possible.

When driving on uneven roads, special care should be taken to avoid scratching the chassis, otherwise the oil pan may be damaged and the oil may leak out. Of course, when this happens, the red oil pot and water wave logo will be displayed on the dashboard. At this time, you should immediately stop and check the flameout, otherwise there will be big problems and damage to the engine. Be sure to pull the handbrake when parking

For new car owners, the shifting and handbrake of the new car should also be practiced. Some car owners habitually put the shift lever in neutral when they park. Actually, this habit is not good. It is easy for the shift lever to enter the forward gear, which may cause danger.

Starting from safety, new car owners must pull the handbrake when parking, especially on ramps, to avoid dangers such as car backing. Similarly, once the car is about to move, the handbrake must be put in place to start. Many novices and new car owners often change the new car, and it is often easy to ignore this problem. It was not until after the car ran hard that it realized that the handbrake was not put in place and the damage to the car was very great. Pay attention to the abnormal sound of the car at any time

During driving, the driver should pay close attention to the sound of various parts of the vehicle. Once you find abnormal noise in the car, you must first accurately determine whether the sound comes from inside or outside the car. If the abnormal noise comes from outside the car, special attention should be paid to parking for inspection.

If the sound disappears without turning off, it can be judged that it is abnormal noise during driving. New car owners should listen carefully where the sound comes from and in which direction, it may be the wheels, tires, gearboxes, drive shafts, suspension sounds, it may be the nails of the tires or the pebbles, or the brake pads may be missing, or It is the normal abnormal noise caused by the density of parts and so on. Owners of different reasons can make their own judgments and investigations.

Of course, if it continues to sound, there may be a problem with the engine. At this time, we must pay attention to whether the oil quality has affected the working effect of the hydraulic and lubrication systems. Generally speaking, new cars use the original engine oil, but after the running-in period of the new car has passed, it is recommended to change the oil according to your own car conditions and road conditions. New car owners had better have a record of their own

New car owners should have a detailed record of their car. For example, when driving to 5000 kilometers, what should I do to maintain, when driving to 40,000 kilometers, whether to change the brake pads and so on, we must know in mind. Every time you give your car maintenance and replacement parts, there are detailed records, just like the "medical record card", so you can know the situation of your car. Quickly remove the fog from the interior glass

The weather is getting colder. If there are more people sitting in the car, the temperature inside the car will be higher, and it is easy to produce breath. The glass inside the car is prone to water mist, blocking the driver's sight and hiding potential danger. To solve this problem, after entering the car, adjust the wind direction switch to the front windshield glass, and use hot air, generally open the first gear; if there is fog on the car, first turn on the air conditioner, and the fog will soon disperse Then turn on the air conditioner again. This tip is also very useful for driving in late autumn and winter. Check oil and water frequently

It is recommended that new cars mainly develop the good habit of checking oil and water once a week to see if they are enough and not leaking. The oil circuit includes brake oil, transmission oil, engine oil, etc. In some cars, the transmission oil cannot be seen, and the owner can see if there is a leaking sign on the parking place. Every time you run a long distance, you should also thoroughly check the water, coolant, etc. of the car, and if the sun is out, check that the wiper is not enough.

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