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At present, there is no perfect micro-electric vehicle standard in China, resulting in uneven product quality. Deputy Secretary-General Luo Huiming told "Gas · New Energy" that the China Micro-Electric Vehicle Industry Technology Innovation Alliance is stepping up related industry standardization and other related tasks.

According to reports, in accordance with the spirit of the State Council (Guo Fa [2015] No. 13) on the issuance of the reform plan for deepening standardization work, the China Micro Electric Vehicle Industry Technology Innovation Alliance established the China Micro Electric Vehicle Standardization Technical Committee in July 2015.

According to the actual situation of urban and rural road traffic in China, the China Micro-Electric Vehicle Standardization Technical Committee intends to classify micro-electric vehicles into three categories: passenger speed, freight speed, and special speed. According to the number of tires, it is divided into two types of three wheels and four wheels. The standard system will include nine sequences including complete vehicle, power battery and module, motor, electric control, management system, (wireless) charger (stand), electricity fee payment standard, safety standard, and road management specification recommendations.

Corresponding sub-technical standards committees were set up at the second working meeting of standards development held on November 20-21, 2015. The core member units of each sub-technical standards committee set up a working group for drafting standards. It is currently being drafted and discussed.

Deputy Secretary-General Luo Huiming told "Gas · New Energy", "Because the future development space of electric vehicles is clearly visible, the 10 to 15-year golden period of rapid growth will be ushered in, and the standardization of power batteries and modules is imminent."

Regarding the standard power battery module of micro electric vehicles, the working group agreed that: first, when the vehicle has a safety abnormality, the standard power battery module should be quickly separated from the vehicle body; second, it should have human resources and simple auxiliary tools. Quick-change technical conditions for the module to be disconnected from the vehicle body or installed smoothly within 1 minute.

"If it can be achieved, the range of electric vehicles will no longer be a cause for concern. Battery and module manufacturers will put more energy into improving the quality of batteries and modules, and brands that meet the standards will be in the market. Consumers choose it on their own. Recycling will also be more convenient. "

Luo Huiming said: "After the expert review, the standard is expected to be announced in July this year. At that time, relevant companies and management departments will have standards to follow. Qualified companies will produce products that meet the standards."

The “Administrative Regulations for Newly Built Pure Electric Passenger Car Enterprises” jointly issued by the Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has been implemented since July 10, 2015. According to reports, China's mini electric vehicle industry technology innovation alliance with production conditions of enterprises are actively applying for review.

15 years of rapid sales growth

"According to the forecast of the Shandong Automobile Industry Association, the production and sales of small electric vehicles in the province are expected to exceed 600,000 in 2016. This goal is achievable. Similar enterprises and products produced in the country should exceed 1.2 million units. Full-caliber mini electric vehicles in 2016 There should be more than 2 million units nationwide. "

Luo Huiming said: "After the standard system is gradually perfected, after the road management is standardized, the companies that meet the standards will produce a variety of micro-electric vehicles in compliance with the standards. The annual production and sales will exceed 20 million units, and the market holdings will exceed 200 million units. "

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